Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda

Well, this blog has been completely neglected.  There was a comment pending for a month exactly before I even logged in and approved it.  I suck.

OK, enough of the self-depreciating talk.

Here’s the deal.  The main reason that I haven’t been posting here is because it’s become completely hypocritical and I hadn’t quite reconciled myself to the fact that … I am not a vegan anymore.

Bah!  Imposter!

I want to be a vegan.  When I think of the ideals, when I think of the reasons I was passionate about it, and when I think of how much I loved how I felt … I think it’s the perfect lifestyle for me.

But, in all reality, at this point in my life … it’s really NOT the perfect lifestyle for my lifestyle.  If that makes any sense at all.

With the $!@*& long list of allergies that plague Levi, it has kind of taken precedence as the main focus for a few reasons:


Yep, we are just too busy.  Not too busy to blog about being gluten-free and vegan.  That’s not it at all.  I’m too busy to come home and ensure that we are eating a balanced meal and getting everything we need on a strictly vegan diet.

OK, I guess that’s the main reason.  I was sure there was more to it than that but, even if not, this one reason was enough for me to make the decision.

What do we eat?

Levi is still allergic to red meat, eggs, and dairy.  So we’re not vegan but we’re not able to be vegetarians either.

Levi still has Celiac Disease.  So we still eat gluten-free at every meal.

So, we’re kind of like a weird mix of gluten-free unvegan.  No I don’t like that.

We’re gluten-free semi-vegans.  Better?  Maybe, I don’t know.

Last night at a work thing we were talking about stuff we were passionate about that made it so that people actually wanted to do work for themselves after work, even if the pay was lousy or no pay at all.  I thought, why aren’t I doing that too?  I tried to think of what I was passionate about and I’ve always been passionate about food.  I don’t know how many food blogs I’ve started and stopped because either my views and feelings about that way of eating changed (low-carb blog, for example).  One of my co-workers pointed out that I even have a food blog already, and then that’s what made me declare how it’s so hypocritical of me to post on it, that I’ve ignored it for the past month – basically as long as I’ve been returning to eating meat.

So I came home, and among a whole host of other thoughts, I considered the possibility of continuing on as a semi-vegan.  I still have awesome recipes to share.  Some are naturally vegan, a lot are suitable for allergen-free baking/cooking.

If there is one thing I could just randomly yell out that I was passionate about it’s food.  That part hasn’t changed now that we’ve had to adjust our lives.

I realize that some who stumble upon this blog because of my old vegan posts will think I’m completely a sham.  That’s okay.  I am sure I’ll lose some who returned from time to time to check on new recipes and now realize they include meat here and there.  That’s okay too.  I think I can handle rejection well enough to handle this weird and awkward transition to whatever it is I decide to do with this blog.

One thing I am sure of. I’m not abandoning it.  I’m going to morph it into something awesome.  Just wait and see.  Once I figure it out, that is.

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