Chocolate Zucchini Cake

I have an awesome recipe for a chocolate cake that uses up grated zucchini.

We were given three huge zucchini’s from Levi’s parents’ garden and I spent my lunch hour and after work on Friday feeding the zucchini thru the food processor and bagging it into 2 cup measurements for the strict purpose of using in this cake recipe … and probably to make latkes too.

Last night I decided to make the recipe.

And, it flopped.  The cake didn’t hold together very well with the egg substitute I used (apple sauce) and I think I over beat the mixture so it was too airy, then later fell in the oven.

The flavor is there … the texture even is great.  No graininess from the flours that I could detect.

My theory about baking gluten-free and vegan cakes seems to hold true.  It’s a lot trickier to make sure a cake turns out all the way through to the center than baking cupcakes with the same recipe.

So, the next time I bake this recipe up, cupcakes it is.  And I’ll share the recipe then.  I may need to make further tweaks to make it work right … and I don’t want anyone making the recipe that didn’t turn out and hating me after.  LOL.

I’ve also got some crazy ideas about squares and two-bite brownies to try out.

P.S. A co-worker and I did a detox last week.  No caffeine, no sugar, no alcohol, no junk.  It took me till the very end of the detox to finally feel like something was working.  I swear it’s all the beer I’d been drinking in the past month or two and the lack of walking everyday like we used to in the DR that made me feel like i put on 10 lbs.  I didn’t actually put on 10 lbs … just felt like I was getting some sort of a beer belly or something.

I’m not going to be baking tons of sweets very often because I don’t want to get fat.  Plain and simple.

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