Real Vegan Cheese? Yes Please!

Thanks to Daiya Cheese, that is.

So I needed to pick up a few things at the local health food store, Dad’s Nutrition.  Things like almond milk, Earth Balance, and whatever else I can throw on top of the pile in Levi’s arms before we make it to the checkout.

I just about walked past this new vegan cheese too.  But for some reason the giant sacks of cheese-like shreds caught my eye.

I read the ingredients and … what? Vegan and gluten-free?

I’ve tried some vegan cheeses in the past.  I wasn’t super impressed.  I even tried what everyone calls ‘the best’ ones and thought … meh.  They don’t melt, they kind of taste funny, they resemble plastic.  So, we just lived without cheese.

Well I asked a few of the store clerks about the cheese.  Everyone seemed so enthused about it.  They’re apparently even doing a ‘cheese tasting’ of it tomorrow at noon in the store.  They’ve all tried it, made stuff with it, experimented with it … and the resounding consensus is that even cheese lovers will like it.

It melts.  It tastes like real cheese.  It looks like real shredded cheese.

So, I thought we’d just come back for the cheese tasting tomorrow and see what we think.  They only had these giant sack sized bags that were priced at just under $40 and what if we didn’t like it.

Turns out, Levi was really really really craving nachos today.  He grabbed the sack of cheddar flavored shreds.  I convinced him to swap it out for mozzarella so we could make our famous vegan pizza with cheese for the first time ever in history.  I could make a lasagna.  Ohh. Emm. Gee.  I just thought of that one now.  I basically just about died right there.  Hang on, I need a minute.

OK, I’m better now.  The girls we spoke to said they even made grilled cheese sandwiches out of it for lunch today and it was just like a real grilled cheese, all gooey and everything.  Can you get any better than that?

So, still somewhat cringing at the price for this sack of cheese, and not sure if we’d like it, Levi made his coveted nachos.  (He added seasoned chicken to his.  I did not have any as I am not a huge nacho fan.)

I did try the cheese though.

I was not disappointed at all.  Everything the clerks had said was true.

The mozzarella shreds have a slightly more strong flavor when straight out of the sack.  More like a mixture of mozza and parmesan.  As it melted, though, and was warmed through it tasted a lot more mild than I expected.  It tasted like REAL CHEESE!

Honestly.  I am not even trying to force it, because I can have real cheese if I so desire.  I wouldn’t bother buying real cheese now.  I am so not even just saying that.

Speaking of this cheese vs. real cheese and buying.  When we considered how little of the shreds Levi used, compared to what he would have used with real cheese on his nachos, we think the vegan shreds are actually more economical in that sense.  Sure, the sack cost $40.  But, it’s a big sack and the shreds add up to more than 4 blocks of shredded cheddar easily.  And when cheese in the big blocks can be around $9 each … it’s on par if not better value with Daiya Cheese Shreds.

The real bonus.  Levi enjoyed his long lost favorite snack food … loaded nachos.

I’ll be talking a lot about cheesy stuff for the next few posts I am almost positive of it.

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