June 2012 Foodie Penpals Swap

Okay so June was hectic right? It was so full of great things. One of the super fun things I enjoyed participating in during the month of June was in two different ‘foodie penpals’ swap-thingies.

I stumbled across one swap held by Lindsay over at The Lean Green Bean Blog. The work that must go into organizing these swaps each month is astonishing. There are separate lists for US foodies and Canadian foodies and she assigns each blogger/foodie a new penpal each month!

I confess the concept was a bit confusing to me at first. To me I assumed if you’re given a ‘penpal’ you swap gifts with each other. But you actually don’t receive a package from the same person you’re giving to. They are assigned someone else to give a package to. I guess it helps introduce you to more foodies/bloggers faster.

Another blogger here in Canada, MeShell, has organized a vegan foodie swap for Canadians. The same sort of concept as what Lindsay from The Lean Green Bean Blog does. This one is vegan-focused.

So here’s the reveal of the goodies I was so thrilled to receive.

First, my foodie penpal gifter from The Lean Green Bean Blog was Nora MacPhee. She sent a package full of snacky goodies that were gobbled up in record time. The little card she included was so very adorable too. It’s not often you get real mail these days, and to get cute-kitty mail is such a treat.

my foodie parcel from Nora MacPhee

There were three different bags of Covered Bridge chips – Sweet Potato, Smokin’ Sweet BBQ, and Creamy Dill. I ate all the BBQ ones myself. Levi shared the Sweet Potato chips with me. The Creamy Dill flavour has dairy in them but food never goes to waste in our household. We passed off the chips to a couple of our employees to share and they devoured them gladly!

Next up were the Seapoint Farms Dry Roasted Edamame snacks. Yum. I love roasted edamame. Crunchy, salty, so good. And the Eden Organic Spicy Pumpkin Seeds. I expected these to be super spicy (which I love!) but they aren’t really overpowering. Pretty great snack.

And finally a Taste of Nature Nova Scotia Blueberry Fields organic food bar. I am so in love with these bars and how exciting that I get to try the blueberry flavor! This got me through my math final, so thank you Nora!

I was assigned to send a parcel to Courtney from (HEAL)thy Days. I hope she enjoyed the goodies I collected and made for her.

On to parcel number two which I received from Denise aka The Veggiewitch. I picked up this parcel a couple hours before embarking on my road trip to Winnipeg. Let me tell you how awesome these snacks were to get me through the 9-ish hours. The cutest thing too (aside from the card!) … her littlest one insisted she include the package of gum. I love that the kids are involved!

my foodie parcel from The Veggiewitch

And here are the goodies I received. Prana Nirvana sea salted almonds. Prana Sumsuma sesame squares. I ate these greedily all by myself on the way to Winnipeg. I can pinpoint exactly where on the TransCanada Highway that I broke open that bag of sea salted almonds and kept eating until they were gone. The sesame squares are great too. They remind me of those old school Sezme Snaps that used to get packed into the cool kids’ lunches. (Not in my lunch kit though, because we had turnip muffins and whatnot.)

I brought the Sakura organic dark chocolate bar from Organic Fair with me to Winnipeg. I forgot about it in my purse until a few days later. I shared it with the rest of my family and we all loved it. The chocolate has dried cherries and candied ginger. It’s my favorite sweet treat now.

I haven’t yet had a chance to sample the Guayaki Yerba Mate, Sensible Foods apple chips, or the Pür gum.

And as for who I sent to this month in the MeShell foodie penpal swap, it was Veronica over at LowFatVeganChef.com. I think she liked what I sent. You can check out her reveal post here.

This was a lot of fun and I am excited to do this all over again in July with a new round of awesome bloggers and foodies that I’ve never met before! Sound interesting to you? Check it out and join if you like.

The Lean Green Bean Blog Foodie Penpals

MeShell’s Vegan Food Swap – Canadian Edition

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