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Megan - The Gluten Free Vegan

Let’s Talk About Feelings

I don’t usually delve into the serious side of life here on my little corner of the internet. I don’t always talk about real feelings. It’s part of my personality to always put my best foot forward and not show the unglamorous side of life – especially when it comes to living a gluten-free and […]

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Saskatoon Food Basket Challenge

Saskatoon Food Bank Food Basket Challenge 2012

I hope you all won’t mind my being serious in this post. It’s a departure from my normally random light-heartedness but it’s a topic that hits very close to home and is difficult for me to talk about. I hope I don’t embarrass my family for talking about this. I just feel I need to […]

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Do I have Celiac Disease? How do I know?

Because I am a food freak and rather passionate about the flavors, tastes, textures and everything that comes along with cooking food I sometimes forget that there’s a reason that I cook this way. After so many years of cooking gluten-free and of course more recently completely vegan (and therefore free of other allergens such […]

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Soon…very very soon

Well, this blog certainly hasn’t received the attention it truly deserves the past six months.  I am sorry blog.  Can you ever forgive me?  Just a little while longer and I’ll be able to shower you with great recipes, photos, and tasty blog entries.  Please be patient. Yes, that’s right soon we are returning to […]

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Super Strict Diet

Well, we’ve been eating out a lot lately and now Levi is suffering the consequences.  We try to make wise choices but when life gets busy sometimes eating at a restaurant is the only option.  In this country, you can get a basic Dominican meal – that’s rice, beans, roasted chicken, and plantain for 120 […]

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A Partial Verdict for Levi’s Allergies

Yesterday we went to a Naturopath for Levi’s allergies.  I’ve been frustrated, probably more than he has, with his consistent breakouts and allergic reactions even on a strict and completely gluten-free diet.  I’ve thought for a very long time now that he is allergic to something else, and I’ve always suspected dairy as being the […]

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