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My Front Window | The Gluten Free Vegan

{thoughts} Watching Out The Window

I have a few favorite spots in my home. The kitchen. Obv. My sunroom in the summer. Of course. My living room. Because of this giant south-facing window. I know it’s not the best photo. But this is where I sit today. It’s not that I have a great view of anything outside this window. […]

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kitchen renovations

A Tiny Break

I have such big things planned for 2013. Except, those big things take a lot of work and planning and organizing and preparing. I am taking some time to do that. I have decided to take the month of December ‘off’ from my site. I’ll still be around to reply to comments and questions but […]

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random dream kitchen

In case you’re wondering about the kitchen . . .

You’re probably not actually wondering where in the process of kitchen renovations we are at. I am. I really would like to know. So, if anyone out there could tell me how exactly I can get from this: to something more along the lines of this:   … I’d be so grateful. And for those […]

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Getting Dirty: Chronicles of A Rookie Gardener

I go through phases of thinking I’d be a good gardener. I’m even sure I mentioned it here. This time though I have real motivation for it. The CSA program we were looking forward to buying into again this year has been cancelled. I nearly cried when I got the news. I loved our CSA […]

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Essentials of a Gluten Free Vegan Pantry

I have been getting quite a few requests by email lately asking for tips on what to stock a pantry with for those new to the gluten-free lifestyle. It made me realize that this sort of information would be handy to refer to so here it is. The Flours Pre-Mixed I don’t use any of […]

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How To Season A Cast Iron Pan

So guess what? Traditionally cast iron cookware was/is seasoned with animal fats. In fact, vegetable oil and shortening does something kind of weird to cast iron, leaving a weird film and actually not really seasoning the pan like you need. But there is a vegan-friendly alternative to seasoning a cast iron pan. It’s this wonderful […]

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