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baked lentil crackers #glutenfree #vegan

Herb & Garlic Lentil Crackers

This is a recipe full of firsts for me. I’ve never made anything with lentil flour before. I love lentils so it’s kind of weird that lentil flour hasn’t made it’s way in my kitchen until now. Thanks to Cuisine Soliel for sending me a bunch to sample it’s helped push me out of my […]

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spicy nuts

Spicy Nuts

For the record I couldn’t think of anything more creative than Spicy Nuts for this recipe title. Not saying Spicy Nuts is a bad recipe title. The immature 14-year old part of me still wants to snicker at it. So I guess that means maybe it’s not totally boring. Hey look at these nuts. There […]

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Gluten Free Deep Fried Pickles with Vegan Buttermilk Ranch Dip

Whew. A mouthful. And a tasty mouthful at that. I feel slightly guilty when I test recipes like these. I feel the need to assure everyone out there that Levi and I do not (stress: do not) normally eat stuff like this. This is more like a novelty recipe and something I saw on Diners, […]

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Black Bean Hummus | The Gluten Free Vegan

Black Bean Hummus

The smooth texture of black beans and the more crisp texture of chickpeas combine to make the best hummus ever! It’s dead simple to make and will be a staple at every party. Black Bean Hummus Prep time 5 mins Total time 5 mins   Author: Megan – The Gluten Free Vegan Recipe type: Appetizer […]

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Cheater Samosa Rolls

I love vegetarian samosas. I don’t love that the dough is not gluten-free and so Levi can’t enjoy them. I have plans to experiment with the dough and make a gluten-free version of it, but in the meantime I had this brainstorm I’ve been dying to try out. I like to think it’s a Vietnamese/Indian […]

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Basic Polenta

image credit Polenta is one of the easiest things you could ever possibly make. I am embarrassed to admit that at one point in my young life I purchased pre-made polenta at an Italian market, thinking to myself surely the Italians must do it better than I. Except then I remembered I’m part Italian and […]

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