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Changes | These Things I Love

Time for Growth & Change

In the upcoming weeks and months you’re going to notice some changes around here. If you’re a regular reader/visitor you might have already noticed that things were pretty quiet during the months of April and May – and by now, most of June. (I’ll explain more on why that was a bit later.) I hope […]

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Megan & Levi

Four Years Ago & Now

Well hello there. Today I’m taking a tiny break from recipe posts to share a bit of a milestone with you guys. There won’t be a recipe today. There will be one tomorrow for sure though, I promise. Almost four years ago to the day I started yet another WordPress site where I would write […]

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Well, Hello There.

Just kidding. I’m probably never going to do a ‘best of’ anything kind of post on my blog. I hope you all enjoyed your December as much as we did. Our stay-cation was very relaxing, even though Levi ended up getting a few emergency plumbing and heating calls. The joys of owning your own business, […]

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My Life, Right Now

I’ve been making apologies via Twitter and Facebook about my neglectful posting for a couple weeks now. I have recipes I want to finish off and take pictures of so that I can post them, but I just can’t seem to get them done. Here’s why. My house is a disaster zone. The kitchen specifically. […]

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Muddy Paws & Motorbikes

I was going to write this motivational and inspiring post all about how spring is finally here and how glorious the blue skies and birds chirping are. But I changed my mind. The blue skies are definitely nice. The birds chirping – though I have an aversion to flying creatures – does make things feel […]

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Hello, My Name is Sophie

We have a new addition to our fur-family! I’m excited to introduce to you all our new little girl, Sophie!   Me with Sophie and Kannon (and the smudge in the corner is actually a friend’s dog Ellie who we were dog-sitting) We adopted Sophie almost two weeks ago and she’s settled into our home […]

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